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If you have a real estate website with us, we can integrate with many IDX software available.

The most popular is IHomefinder. IHomefinder is the leading IDX software next to IDXBroker. They are widely used across many real estate websites and can easily integrate into our type of site.

We are proud to be an approved partner through IHomefinder, allowing us to easily help our clients get set up and approved by their MLS board.

If you have an existing IHomefinder account, please contactthe team.

If you do not have an IHomefinder account and would like to integrate IDX into your website, you'll need to contact the team and we'll get your account set up for you.

The steps to integrating your IDX are easy but will vary with different MLS boards. See the steps below.

  1. Contact our team to get started on integrating your IDX and provide your MLS board name.
  2. We'll set up your IDX account and send you the paperwork from your MLS board. The paperwork process can vary from different boards.
  3. Once you complete your paperwork, it will be submitted to your MLS board to be approved.
  4. When the MLS board approves, we'll get notified and activate the account.

Our website has configurations in place for IDX within Settings, and then IDX. We recommend not making any changes in here since it can disrupt the IDX connection.

If you would like IDX removed, please contactour team so that way you are no longer being billed.

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