Frequently asked Questions

General FAQ

  • How long will my site last?

    Your site is built on the new JAMstack architecture. Meaning your site will be a fortress, unlike others on WordPress. Our sites are built to last!

  • How do I boost my SEO

    After launching your website, we will already set up Google Analytics and send it to Google for indexing. This is the most we could do organically other than updating tags.

  • Does your site have SEO

    Yes, even though your site will be optimized for search engines, it can take a while for the bots to crawl your website, especially if it's new. This can vary from site to site and can take weeks or months.

  • Can someone help with content?

    Yes! If you're having difficulty writing your own content for the website, we can definitely be flexible.

  • Can I see the design while you build?

    Yup! Every project will have it's own preview link that you can access anytime!

  • Do you outsource overseas?

    No, everything is built in California. We have amazing connections in California for videography who has worked filmed for UFC and experienced marketers.

  • Do you service out of state?

    We have clients nationwide!

  • Is my website secured?

    Our website is the most secure website you could get. Included with SSL security.

  • Why are your sites more secure?

    Almost all websites nowadays rely on databases. Meaning when you type in information and click "save", it gets stored in a database. Having a database makes your site vulnerable to malicious attacks and spam. Our website powers on read-only files, meaning no vulnerabilities to hacks. Making it the most secure.

  • How are your websites built?

    Most agencies rely on WordPress or page builders. All websites (except e-commerce) is built using JAMstack - a modern web development architecture for developers/programmers to build modern, fast, secure web apps.

  • How often should I update my site?

    Web industry standard is to update every 2-3 years. Our sites are built to last way over the recommended time frame.

  • Are your websites mobile responsive?

    Yes! Every website should be mobile responsive now. There should be no excuse! Google will always rank mobile responsiveness higher. This provides a user-friendly experience.

Real Estate Web Design FAQ

  • Are there any contracts?

    Subscriptions are month-to-month. You are able to cancel at any time. Website set up is based on the proposal.

  • How long till I could get my real estate website?

    A templated design may take a week to fully launch the website. Custom designs can take up to 2-3 weeks.

  • Will I get lots of leads?

    An amazing site is useless without promotion. The more you market your website, Google will see that more people are visiting and will eventually rank you higher. Put it on your business cards, social media, etc.

  • What is IDX? Do I need it?

    IDX grabs data from the MLS and displays it. There are tools that come with the IDX, such as lead management, listings manager, and more. Without IDX, it's a little more work due to manually adding in listings.

  • Do you host the website

    The website is built on a proprietary system. You could own the content, but the site will need to be maintained with us.

  • If I don't see a feature in the admin, are you able to build it out?

    Yes! Most agencies never customize their admin for clients because it will update globally for everyone. Depending on the feature, it's very likely it can be built out. For example, a client needed a "featured community". we were able to build out custom page templates that draw in communities he added in the admin.

  • What determines my monthly cost?

    Agents and brokers have their own type of sites, especially if IDX is needed. IDX will always be the more expensive option due to fees on the data feed, and charges from your MLS. Please get in touch with us to find out an accurate price.

Small Business FAQ

  • Would my website be a template?

    No! Small businesses should not work off of templates since you're trying to brand yourself. We do not want a corporate design on a friendly food site.

  • Do you only build ecommerce on Shopify?

    Yes, Shopify is the #1 e-commerce platform out there and provides all the tools needed. Other platforms for e-commerce tend to be more difficult. If Shopify is not within your price range, we can definitely recommend other platforms.

  • What type of business can you help?

    Any type of website is supported. However, everyone has a different business model and we've informed clients that it's something that can't be done through the platform. It's recommended to consult with us. It's free!

  • How flexible is your admin?

    The admin portal can easily be customized to fit your business model. For example, adding lists of services, menus, and more!

  • How long does it take to build a small business website?

    This can vary for everyone. A larger custom site with more pages will take longer. A more accurate time frame is 1-3 weeks. This also depends on how fast content is provided to move forward with the website.