Corwink Cosmetics

Client: Corinne R.

Corwink Cosmetics is a beauty e-commerce shop by Corinne. The website was built using HUGO as the web framework and Snipcart to connect the shopping cart feature. By leveraging the power of HUGO and Snipcart, this e-commerce site outperforms majority of Shopify websites.

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Corwink Cosmetics is an upcoming brand for affordable lashes and eyeliner. Being different from most lash companies, Corwink focuses on 100% all cruelty free products.

The Design

Corwink Cosmetics had a design in mind and we were able to deliver the exact design for the company. The design was presented with color schemes and layouts the owner wanted. We drew a mock up of what we think would be laid out best to get users a sneak peak of the products.

The Challenge

The site was built using Snipcart for the shopping cart feature and products are added in through Connecting the two was a breeze. The hard part were the variations that Snipcart offered. We had build out a custom user interface within Forestry that would accept custom fields through Snipcart, such as style and colors. We were able to deliver the feature request.

The Result

After launching the site, we integrated Google analytics for site data and kept track of a few sales to ensure that all credit card processing and orders were going through. The site is quickly gaining momentum due to the marketing the owner is doing. So far all positive feedback from her customers!