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Wallstreet Realty web design

Client: John Pagani

Business: [Real Estate]

Website: Wallstreet Realty

Meet the Client

Wallstreet Realty is a real estate brokerage owned by John Pagani located in Whittier, California. By providing knowledge in the communities they best serve, agents are able to better assist their clients.

Wallstreet Realty was a previous client of ours who had recently ventured out to try out one of the largest real estate lead generating websites - Realgeeks. After a few months of not attracting the number of leads that Realgeeks had promised, Wallstreet Realty was back to using our platform.

Our Role

Let’s admit that a real estate website is hard to rank when competing with huge businesses that have millions of marketing budgets. Companies like Zillow and Redfin will always be at the top. Our experience in building real estate websites comes down to optimizing the website for a better user experience. As we improve the user experience, Google will see that the website is providing value, essentially moving the site up.

Building the Website

Wallstreet Realty needed the website up fast due to Realgeeks taking it down. Customers who are already registered to the website would panic seeing that the information that was saved can no longer be accessed.

To achieve a faster development process, Wallstreet Realty was set up on our Vesper template specifically for real estate websites with IDX. This was a prebuilt website that had already been optimized for the best performance possible. All we had to do was structure and brand the website. This template is useful for any real estate professionals looking to get a fast website up and running in the shortest amount of time.


With Google Analytics installed, we are able to monitor the performance and traffic to the website over time. By viewing what page has the highest bounce rate, the team is able to establish how to better structure the page for capturing leads.

Client Review

"Ram is amazing, he knows what he is doing worked fast and efficiently, got our site up faster than anticipated and beyond our expectations. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

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