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No matter what device your visitors are coming from, you can count on our responsive websites to make sure that they get the best user experience on their device. With everything going mobile, you cannot have a website that is not responsive in design.

At Hungry Ram, all our websites must be responsive before launching. We deliver the best responsive design to ensure your business is presented professionally to your customers.

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Mobile and desktop responsive web design

Is responsive design that big of a deal?

YES. Responsive web design will decrease your website bounce rate, meaning the more time a user spends on your website, the better! This tells Google that they're finding the information they need rather than leaving to find it elsewhere. Now Google will start ranking your site better to other visitors that need the same information based on their search query.

Our websites are designed for easy navigation. Meaning we look at your website from a customer perspective to see how we can map your links and contact information to the website. The way we map these links and information needs to be properly visible on all devices. So no content gets cut off from any devices, small or large.


Scale your real estate website

Get your site on the right track with our easy-to-use MLS integration. The right partnership will ensure that you are always top-of mind for all potential buyers, sellers and renters in your area!


Rank your site easily

Optimized website for speed that help you rank higher in search results. A fast loading site is able to capture more visitors and allow them spend longer on the page

Responsive design to expand your audience

Our mobile-friendly, responsive designs will ensure your customers stay engaged with you no matter where they are browsing from - no matter the device.

Advantages of having a responsive web design

There are many advantages of having a responsive web design and the most important is boosting your website rankings. Your best tool for marketing your business is your website. So it's important to put some focus on your website site health to ensure you have the best performing websites for your customers and visitors.

Google adapts to what users shift to, so when the mobile platform has overtaken the desktop versions of web browsing, Google adapted to their needs. By following Google standards to what website improvements to make, they are essentially giving you information on how to beat your competitors for better ranking.

We know keeping up with Google website standards like a responsive design can be tough if you're not following their updates. At Hungry Ram, we make sure that everything follows web standards and ensure our sites are up-to-date. Contact us and let us do the heavy lifting.