Static Sites Are Back

Why Go Back in Time? Websites use to be a simple thing back in the days but then came Wordpress and all the other page builders. Everyone hopped on the Wordpress train and started building plugins and themes for this open source software. With so many websites being on Wordpress, there came security vulnerabilities and other SEO ranking factors that put an impact on the website. Static Site Generators Static websites is not a new thing.

Why I use JAMstack

JAMstack is the best way to build websites For those who don’t know, JAMstack is short for Javascript, APIs, and markup. It’s different from your traditional systems you would use such as Wordpress or Squarespace. It’s a technique that is trending in the development world for developing a modern website and app that performs better, more scalable, and highly secure. What is the Difference? JAMstack doesn’t depend on a web server like most websites and it is a modern web development architecture based on the client-side.

Moving Away From Wordpress

Wordpress has been the foundation for many small business owners when it comes to developing websites. Many agencies have built their business through Wordpress such as myself. Finally Calling it Quits Yes, it has definitely saved a lot of time in development, but the amount of time it requires to maintain the server and prevent hacking is just too much. Wordpress is highly targetted due to so many small businesses starting websites without caring about the potential security threats it poses.

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