Why I use JAMstack

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JAMstack is the best way to build websites

For those who don't know, JAMstack is short for Javascript, APIs, and markup. It's different from your traditional systems you would use such as Wordpress or Squarespace. It's a technique that is trending in the development world for developing a modern website and app that performs better, more scalable, and highly secure.

What is the Difference?

JAMstack doesn't depend on a web server like most websites and it is a modern web development architecture based on the client-side. JAMstack is purely a static HTML site that is deployed to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) In short - it minimizes delays in loading web page through globally distributed network of servers. This gives a JAMstack website advantage over traditional websites because web pages will now load fast.

The Security

JAMstack websites are much more secure than traditional. Why? Because it doesn't rely on database or web servers. Databases and servers can be exploited, in return causing damage to your website. Traditional sites typically require a lot of maintenance and updates to make sure the softwares are all up-to-date. JAMstack on the other hand does not require little to no updates!

Developers are learning new things!

The best part is front end developers can focus on development and debugging. Sometimes client requests are challenging with JAMstack websites because everything is coded. But that is what makes an aspiring entrepreneur and developer.