Hungry Ram LLC

KA Intimacy

Client: Monica Sanchez

KA Intimacy is owned by H-Bling Wellness - a cryotherapy center located in Brea, California. KA Intimacy provides CBD products that helps with sexual wellness and promote safe sex.

KA Intimacy web design

Project Overview

KA Intimacy is owned by Monica Sanchez, also the owner of H-Bling cryotherapy. KA Intimacy brings sexual wellness to your life by providing quality CBD oils to bring spice to your relationship.

Monica provided a design from her designer and we were in charge of bringing that design to life.


The best solution for selling products online is through Shopify. Shopify remains the best platform for starting an e-commerce business and after experiencing other platform issues, we remain loyal to Shopify.

The Result

We're constantly working closely with Monica in building up the new site to rank better on Google for specific keywords. By utilizing tools like Semrush, we're able to monitor the website closely to make sure we grow in authority.