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How We Helped Lions Group NYC Enhance Their Appfolio Website

Lions Group NYC is a real estate development, management, and construction company that has been operating in New York City for several years. They approached our team to create a modern website that reflects their commitment to luxury and professionalism in the industry.

Our team was excited to work with them to create a real estate website that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Lions Group Website Design

Key Features of the Lions Group Website

Our team created a website that reflects the modern luxury style of Lions Group NYC, while also offering easy navigation and functionality for their users. Here are some of the key features of the website:

Clean and Minimalistic Design

We kept the design of the website clean and minimalistic to highlight the high-quality images of the real estate properties and to make it easy for users to navigate.

Custom CMS Portal

We used to build the CMS, which offers a portal for clients to easily edit the website. This allows for easy maintenance and updates, ensuring that the website stays up-to-date with the latest properties

Dynamic Portfolio Layout

The portfolio page was designed to showcase the client's real estate properties in a dynamic layout that allows for easy browsing. The integration with Mapbox also allows for an interactive map that shows the location of each property.

Design Approach

We worked with Lions Group NYC to create a modern website that captures their luxurious brand. We carefully selected a color palette of blue and gold, evoking feelings of sophistication and professionalism. The website design is clean and minimalistic, highlighting high-quality images of real estate properties for easy navigation.


Since AppFolio did not allow for external integration, we had to rely on using an iframe to display their property listings. We collaborated with the team at Appfolio for the best method for integration without API access. In the case, we used an iframe - an HTML element that allows the embedding of another website within a page.

For easy editing of the website, we connected to build the custom CMS portal for Lions Group NYC.

The portfolio page features a basic 3 grid layout, allowing for seamless browsing of their portfolio buildings. The integration with Mapbox allowed more visuals of where the portfolio is located. Allowing visitors to click on the map marker and view quick details about the portfolio.


Working with Lions Group NYC was a great experience for our team. We were able to create a modern, luxurious website that reflects the client's commitment to excellence, even while overcoming challenges such as the limitations of their previous website platform.

The use of allowed us to create a website that is easy to maintain and update, ensuring that the client's website stays up-to-date with its latest properties and offerings. Overall, we are proud of the work we did for Lions Group NYC and are confident that their new website will help them continue to grow their business in the real estate industry.

Lions Group Web Design

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