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RN Insurance: Insurance Agent Website Design

Randy Nong, the owner of RN Insurance needed a website to help him stand out from local competitors. With a Jamstack website, his brand new site is now climbing up the SEO ladder.

Rn Insurance  web design

Project Overview

RN Insurance is a brand new insurance agency in Lowell, MA owned by Randy Nong. Mainly providing affordable insurance throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Randy started RN Insurance to help people save money.

The Solution

Since RN Insurance was a new company, we did a competitor analysis within a 10-mile radius and found the majority of its competitors are very low in ranking or have no websites. This gave us the advantage and did competitor research on a larger insurance agency.

By creating a list of keywords to target based on ranking difficulty, the best approach to help RN Insurance grow in Google ranking is to target locally first with very easy keywords with some moderate to difficult keywords.

The Result

After launching the website and making sure the website was performing at its best. We used Semrush, our number one site health tool to monitor RN Insurance. After fixing some suggestions Semrush provided, RN Insurance now has a site health of 100% and is climbing the rank in SEO.

Of course, with any SEO projects, this will take time. We've promised Randy we will frequently check up on the site to ensure optimal performance and health to grow his business.

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