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Fava Advisory's Website Upgrade: Delivering the Best User Experience

The Fava Advisory is a group of full-time real estate professionals who provide highly personalized advisory services, focusing on curated advice based around current marketing trends and creative strategies.

Fava Advisory web design

Website Features

Custom Design

We created a custom website design that showcases Fava Advisory's personalized and professional approach to real estate advisory services.

Custom Market Report Page

We created custom pages for market reports, allowing them to easily share insights and analyses with visitors. This feature helps Fava Advisory stand out from competitors by providing valuable insights and data to their clients.


Fava Advisory is a full-time team of experienced real estate professionals providing highly personalized advisory services. Our goal was to create a website that accurately reflects the team's professional approach and highlights their services.


We built the website using NextJS and, which allowed for a customizable CMS that could be easily updated by the Fava Advisory team. We optimized the website for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience across all devices.


Our team was thrilled to work with Fava Advisory to create a website that accurately represents their personalized and professional approach to real estate advisory services. The website's user-friendly navigation and mobile optimization ensure that visitors have a seamless experience on any device.

Fava Advisory web design

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