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Transforming the Westly's Web Presence

Witness the stunning metamorphosis of The Westly's online identity. Our team collaborated closely with SERHANT to bring their vision to life, creating a website that exemplifies modern design, exceptional functionality, and lightning-fast performance.

Enhanced User Experience

Immerse yourself in a seamless browsing experience. With a user-friendly interface and optimized navigation, finding information and exploring The Westly's offerings is now effortless.

Lightning-Fast Load Times

Say goodbye to waiting. Our cutting-edge technology and strategic optimization have resulted in lightning-fast load times, ensuring visitors can access content and information without delay.

Customizable Backend

Empowering you with control. The Westly's backend boasts a customizable and intuitive interface, allowing effortless management of press releases, condominium availabilities, and more.

Rebranding Success

Transforming The Westly's Online Presence

When the CTO of SERHANT approached us, expressing admiration for the cutting-edge technology we employ in our website development, we knew an exciting project was in the works. The Westly, formerly known as ERA, situated in the vibrant Upper West Side, sought a complete website overhaul. They needed a new logo, updated information, and a user-friendly interface that delivered swift access to essential content.

The Challenge

The original website,, relied on WordPress and featured extensive animations that, unfortunately, led to slower load times and an unsatisfactory user experience.

Our Solution

Given the urgency of the project, we collaborated closely with the SERHANT team to ensure a rapid turnaround. The talented designers at SERHANT crafted captivating designs, while we leveraged our expertise in development to expedite the process.

To guarantee lightning-fast load times, we implemented HUGO as the framework, paired with Netlify for an efficient content delivery network (CDN). Additionally, we utilized the versatile UIKIT CSS framework to accelerate development and meet the tight deadline, resulting in a fully customized website.

Working hand in hand with the SERHANT team, we created a functional website optimized for search engines (SEO). We also developed a flexible backend system to manage an extensive array of press releases and availability information for the condominiums.

The Outcome

The rebranded website for The Westly surpassed all expectations, achieving an impressive page speed score of 95/100. Not only does the new design reflect the refreshed brand identity, but it also provides users with a seamless and intuitive experience. We are immensely proud of the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional team at SERHANT and contribute to their success.

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