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The CTO of SERHANT had reached out to us as they were a fan of the type of technology that was being used to build our websites. The original site that was ERA was rebranded as The Westly. Located on the Upper West Side, The Westly needed a website that was rebranded with a new logo, information, and a more user-friendly interface that loaded quickly and provided the information users needed.

The original website was built on WordPress and had a heavy animation, which can potentially cause slower load time and bad user experience.

The Development

The deadline to bring The Westly website to life was fairly short as it was a last-minute project. Designs were done by the team at SERHANT and development was done on our end to speed up the process.

The technology we used to ensure lightning-fast load times were HUGO as the framework, Netlify for the CDN, and UIKIT for the CSS framework that increased development time to be able to meet the deadline with a custom website development.

We worked closely with the team at SERHANT to create a functioning website that was optimized for SEO and a customizable back end for managing lots of press releases, and availabilities for the condos.

The Result

With a page speed score of 95/100, the new rebranded website for The Westly achieved a high grade for page speed and a cleaner user interface from its older brand design. We're happy to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing team at SERHANT.

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