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From Squarespace to Custom: A Website Transformation for Wing Ferno

Wing Ferno is a fast-casual restaurant that offers a wide variety of high-quality food options, including marinated wings, chicken tenders, salad bowls, and refreshments.

Wing Ferno home page web design

Case Study

Our team at Hungry Ram Web Design was tasked with developing a new website for Wing Ferno, implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and keeping the ToastTab links for online ordering.

We worked closely with the owner of Wing Ferno to identify the unique brand identity and develop a website design that reflects the brand values and offerings.

The new website showcases its menu offerings in an easy-to-navigate format and features eye-catching visuals to entice customers.

Wing Ferno web design

Website Improvements

Custom Website Design

We developed a custom website design that showcases Wing Ferno's offerings in a visually appealing way, making it easy for customers to navigate and place orders.

Menu Management

We implemented an easy-to-use menu management system that allows Wing Ferno staff to quickly and easily update menu items and pricing, ensuring that the website always reflects the latest offerings.

SEO optimization

We optimized the website's content and structure for search engines, improving Wing Ferno's visibility in search results and driving more organic traffic to the website.

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