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A more powerful online presence for your real estate business. Get a website that allows your visitors to engage and find the information they need. Integrated with iHomefinder - one of the most used IDX on the market.

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Built in tools for lead generation

IDX websites offers robust tools from search features, lead management, and property organizers. Hungry Ram provides the best IDX solutions for your real estate website.

Integrated with the best IDX - IHomefinder

Hungry Ram helps real estate agents upgrade their website by integrating the number one IDX software on the market. This allows for robust search features, property organizer tool, and lead management, all in one software. By integrating your real estate website with iHomefinder, your traffic will convert to leads.

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Powerful, and affordable real estate websites

We offer a new type of real estate websites that is affordable, effective, and different from most sites being built. With a thoughtfully crafted real estate template, new and experienced agents can take advantage of admin tools to personalize it to their brand. Don’t worry, a web designer can put everything together for you before delivering your website.

Our clients love how our admin can be customized to fit their business needs. Need an option to add featured communities in your area? No problem. We proudly provide the best support for our clients to ensure you get what your business needs.

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