A new type of IDX websites for real estate agents

Do you want to be found online? We can help. Our real estate agent IDX website is the perfect solution for agents who want to get their name out there and attract more clients. Our website is built with your visitors in mind, so they’ll find what they need quickly and easily. Perfectly integrated seamlessly with iHomefinder, one of the most popular IDX platforms on the market today. So when people search for homes in your area, they’ll see your listings right away!

Let our team of professionals connect your MLS to your website the right way.

We are the best website builder for your real estate business.

We know you’re hungry to find the best IDX solution for your real estate business. You want your website to be easy-to-use, attractive, and packed with features that help you grow your business. That’s why we created Hungry Ram – an all-inclusive platform that gives you everything you need in one place.

With our customizable templates, lead management tools, and powerful search capabilities, your site will be ready for anything. And if there are any problems at all – just let us know! Our support team is always available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your site. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Premium IDX Websites

Scale your real estate website

Get your site on the right track with our easy-to-use MLS integration. The right partnership will ensure that you are always top-of mind for all potential buyers, sellers and renters in your area!

Rank your site easily

Optimized website for speed that help you rank higher in search results. A fast loading site is able to capture more visitors and allow them spend longer on the page

Responsive design to expand your audience

Our mobile-friendly, responsive designs will ensure your customers stay engaged with you no matter where they are browsing from - no matter the device.

We integrate with the best IDX solution available, so you can provide your clients with the latest web technology.

Your MLS website is a great tool for attracting new clients, but it's not as effective as you'd like.

Our real estate agent IDX website will help you increase your lead generation by providing visitors with lead capture tools on top of the newest website technology. You'll be able to view a report on the number of people who save listings, search results, and are contacted when new listings come on the market.

By adding IHomefinder to your website you'll be able to collect contact information from viewers at every step of their home buying journey! This means better leads for you and an easier time selling homes in today's competitive real estate market.

Powerful, and affordable real estate websites

At Hungry Ram, we understand that real estate is a very competitive industry and you need to stand out from the competition.

Most real estate website templates are expensive, hard to customize, or lack essential features like lead capture tools and proper MLS integration. This makes it difficult for real estate agents to attract clients and get more leads.

Hungry Ram delivers a new type of real estate website that's affordable, effective, and different from most sites being built. With our carefully crafted template, you can take advantage of admin tools to personalize it to your brand. Don't worry, we'll put everything together for you before delivering your site so you don't need any web design experience at all!

Our clients love how our admin can be customized to fit their business needs with the help of our support team. We will even provide training for free if needed! You get what you need without paying extra or hiring an expensive developer which means more money in your pocket.

Perfect partner for success

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