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Every website needs web hosting. This puts your website out for the world to see. Of course, finding the right hosting can be tough. Large hosting companies can still make your site perform badly. Hungry Ram provides the best hosting through Netlify, trusted by companies like Facebook and Verizon.

Why our sites perform faster than most

All our sites are built for performance and reliability. Of course, once the site is built it needs to be put on a reliable host. Netlify focuses on speed and performance and will deliver a blazing-fast website. This is the main reason we've decided to use them for hosting.

Most websites are served up on traditional servers that have to make additional requests to the server. Netlify delivers websites through a CDN (Content Delivery Network). In short - a CDN means faster internet for your customers.

Our sites take the lead in speed and security

Most websites that are being built by agencies require traditional web hosting. Meaning you have a high chance of malware attacks and database leaks to your website. You're also likely to be put on shared hosting with other businesses.

At Hungry Ram, our website hosting relies on the CDN, eliminating any security threats to your website. Our websites will feel instant and can scale globally to millions of users.

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