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Real Estate Websites for Agents

Real Estate Websites for Agents

A website is the face of your real estate business. It's where people go to get information about you and your services, and if it looks good and works well, they'll return again and again. Many companies want their website to serve as a virtual office that can help them answer questions, book appointments, or even show properties.

A website design can be a powerful tool for a real estate agent with limited resources for advertising. It's the best way to get your name out there, increase your network, and establish your brand.

Generating leads with a real estate website

With your site, you can include all sorts of valuable content that will be valuable to your audience. Like any other online marketing strategy, you should focus on building quality backlinks and engaging users with content that will bring visitors back as potential leads.

  • Make sure to include plenty of local keywords and phrases throughout your site. Local keywords will help you define a more local audience looking for your services. Whenever someone Googles "realtors near me", we want to make sure your website shows up.
  • Offer quality content that is not only helpful but also optimized for search listed in local directories such as Google Business Profile and Yelp.
  • Focus on building quality backlinks to your website in order to get more traffic over time. When I say quality backlinks, this means getting reputable websites to link to your website. If you know someone who writes blogs on their site, ask them to do a guest post.
  • Use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to track your audience. You'll be able to see how many visitors your site gets and which pages receive the most traffic. Use that information to improve your website's performance, and run ads targeting that specific group of audience.

Seems like a little too much? Having a website is like having another business because it's building your online presence. Hungry Ram is the best website design company to manage your real estate website. Get in touch with our team to see how our websites can help you improve your online reputation.

Making your website stand out

Building a website that brings in leads isn't just about making your site look great. You'll also need to make sure it works properly, displays well on mobile devices, and is easy for visitors to navigate across any device. No matter what kind of real estate website design you go with, the following tips will help you make a website that works for you.

  • Keep your content simple and prioritize the essentials - this will help drive traffic to your site.
  • Avoid popups, slide-ins, in-your-face sales pitches, and any other annoying sales tactics in order to keep visitors happy. Some visitors don't like putting information while browsing homes. Allow your visitors to search your site without requiring their information, when they're ready, they will fill it out.
  • Do some research for your site, especially when it comes to keywords, so you can ensure you are choosing the right words for your real estate website. If you focus on a specific area, make sure you use that location name across your website. Want some keyword ideas for your business? Let's get in touch.
  • Simplify your design to avoid overwhelming visitors with too much text or graphics. Most real estate websites have too much going on, keeping things minimal keeps users engaged.
  • Make your content valuable and informational so visitors will want to keep reading.
  • Keep the load time of your website fast. This is extremely important to Google for ranking. Our websites are all static websites, meaning we've eliminated the extra querying a browser would make to fetch a website from a database. This is the best way to achieve a blazing fast website. We've outlined some information on how we're able to make websites fast and more secure in this blog post.

Getting ahead of your competitors

Surprisingly not a lot of real estate professionals do not own a website. An advantage a website offers is that it helps them stay ahead of their competitors since they have an edge over other real estate professionals who do not have a website.

Having an online presence is important in this day and age. At Hungry Ram, we strive to build out some of the best website designs for real estate agents and brokers.

Keeping your website with the times

No one wants to pay attention to an outdated website. I can't express how many times we've come across badly designed websites in the real estate industry, and a lot are even broken.

The creation of a website is one thing and maintaining it is another. Hungry Ram keeps all websites up-to-date and maintains the structure of the code frequently. Ready to get started with getting your real estate website online or just need guidance? Get in touch with the team today!

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